Our Core Values


Customer focus and satisfaction

ACE Aviation Myanmar’s primary mission is total customer satisfaction. Every process and operation is tailored to meet their exact requirements. Time-definite delivery is a testament to ACE’s dedication to meeting its customers’ needs.

Expertise and reliability

ACE employs a highly qualified team to offer every kind of freight and logistics-related service. The company maintains transparency with its partners, and every transaction is above board. ACE’s expertise and reliability make it a reliable partner.

Innovation and initiative

ACE encourages employees to take ownership and initiative. The company engages in brainstorming sessions to provide innovative services.

Transparency and information flow

ACE values complete transparency from top executives to functional operators. The company ensures necessary information flows to keep all departments and external partners up-to-date.

Flexibility and adaptability

ACE is proud of its flexible and functioning organization that can change and evolve with global demand. Technological integration ensures that it stays at the forefront of industry trends.


Our Business Partners


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Aitken Spence ILC is a Sri Lankan blue-chip conglomerate with a variety of business interests across diverse industries. The company was founded about 150 years ago. During British Colonial Rule, the company came into existence upon a partnership between Scottish merchants. It has been growing and expanding ever since.

Operating in fields such as tourism, logistics, energy, services, apparel, maritime and plantations it has become a true leading force in the region. It functions throughout the Asian continent. Aitken has partners all over the region in countries like India, Bangladesh, the Maldives, Oman, Fiji, Myanmar and Mozambique. Ace Aviation Myanmar is a part of Aitken Spence’s regional presence in Myanmar. Like many other ventures, Aitken Spence has been in partnership with Ace for a long time. They operate in the Indian Subcontinent and the region through Ace. Aitken Spence Cargo is the specialized freight-forwarding arm of Aitken Spence. Through this wing, they provide air freight, sea freight, brokerage, customs facilitation and supply chain solutions to Bangladesh through ACE. With the support and presence of Aitken Spence, we provide a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of Freight Forwarding and Logistics through authorized agents for JAS, CRSA and several other networks of repute.

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